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Express Dredge Service:

Established in 2013, Express Dredge Service has successfully removed over 100,000 tonnes of silty sediment from Puslinch Lake, the largest kettle lake in North America.

With the material dredged from the lake, we have transformed it into a pure screened soil called Kettle Lake Soil.  In the 2017 season, we focused our dredging efforts at the north shore of the lake behind the big island. We are half way through this giant undertaking and are on track to completion by 2019.

Kettle Lake Soil is perfect soil for your landscaping projects. Dredged from the bottom of Puslinch Lake it is pure screened soil with no additives, no contaminants and has not been blended with other materials. It is full of nutrients and organic matter making it ideal for topdressing and garden beds. A percentage of profits from the soil sales will go towards Puslinch Lakes rehabilitation program.

express dredge service
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