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How Much Topsoil Do I Need?


For vegetables, flowering or shrub gardens, Kettle Lake topsoil will enhance and produce bigger yields, lush flowers and foliage. For a garden application, it is recommended to use 8-12″ of Kettle Lake topsoil, or mix in freely as needed in your existing setup.


Kettle Lake topsoil is perfect for new lawn applications.   Lawn experts suggest you work some fertilizer into topsoil before laying sod, but with Kettle Lake topsoil, no fertilizer is needed.   It is recommended to use approximately 6″-8″ of Kettle Lake topsoil.  Our screening process will ensure there are no rocks that will need to be raked out.   Everything is already prepared (screened)  for you to use.  Feel free to mix Kettle Lake topsoil in with your existing garden material.


Farmers love Kettle Lake topsoil, as it produces strong and healthy crops.   Read our testimonials for feedback and pictures of larger and healthier yields.   For crops, we recommended to use 8-12″ of Kettle Lake topsoil or mix in freely as needed in your existing setup.



There is no product on the market like Kettle Lake topsoil.   Most compositions are full of chemical dyes and fillers such as mulch or ground bark.   Kettle Lake’s topsoil comes direct from the lake, is packed with nutrients, and is purely natural.    We add nothing to it, so you get authentic topsoil right from its origin.    David Taliano

Cubic Yard Calculator

This calculator can help you analyze how much soil you may need for your project. The recommendations on this page are estimates only.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

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