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Our Dredging Process

Kettle Lake Topsoil Is Being Dredged For A Waterloo Lanscaping Project

Organic soil is dredged from a Kettle Lake.

Kettle lakes, caused by receding glaciers are thousands of years old.  Left untouched, they can fill in.   Dredging enables the lake to flourish for years to come.

Topsoil On Top Of Barge After Being Dredged From The Bottom Of A Kettle Lake

Soil is placed on barge for transportation.

Once the organic topsoil is placed on the barge, it is ready to be transported to our screening area.

Natural Organic Topsoil Is Screened And Ready To Be Sold


The topsoil is then allowed to dry and then put through a screener to remove any rocks or debris for a suitable texture.   The result is organic, nutrient-rich topsoil that is ready to be placed in your garden.

Kettle Lake Topsoil Delivery Truck

Self Pickup or Delivery

Bring your own containers or vehicle to fill (we will help).    Order your Kettle Lake Soil now and see the difference it makes to your gardens, crops and lawns.


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