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What to expect:

Superior Results!

Superior results with superior topsoil!  That’s right!  The picture on the right was sent to us by a customer showing the before and after.   You can expect lusher flowers and foliage, larger yields, and strong and healthy plants.

A Great Product:

Everyone loves the results.   Feedback from customers has been extremely positive.  While other products may look aesthetically better, they contain dyes and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.   Our product is 100% natural.

There may be some minor cracking when it dries out as it does this naturally.  If you mix it in with existing material, you shouldn’t notice this.   You can always add a mulch layer on top.

Friendly Service:

We are a bunch of happy, friendly guys who love to serve our customers.   We love what we do, and getting to play with cool machinery all day long!   It’s very rewarding to do a great job for the environment that is so much fun, that it doesn’t even seem like work.

The feedback we get from our customers about how well their gardens look is extremely gratifying.

Soil Benefits before
soil benefits after

Our hard working team!

kettle lake topsoil team in front of topsoil delivery truck
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