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Happy Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our valued customers who are happy to share how great our topsoil is and how lush it makes their gardens, lawns and crops.

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Thank you so much for the excellent service this year. The soil is great. We ordered just the right amount. We will definitely be ordering again. Kindest regards. Louise


I wanted to follow up and thank you. We received our soil Saturday morning and I just wanted to say how great our delivery person was. Very friendly and great service!


Lorne C. Wallace

Last year I used reclaimed Kettle Lake Soil for the foundation of my new lawn just above the garden here. I’m already cutting that grass, well ahead of other grass on my property, without any fertilizer added. Now I’m building this large garden and the boxes are filled with lake soil raring to go!   Lorne C. Wallace


Do you know how I can arrange delivery?  Last year we picked up, but I’d like a bigger load this year…  thanks for your help!

Aleksandra Radovanovic

Will you be having a Kettle Lake Soil sale this year?
I love it!

Al and Doreen

I planted a vegetable garden in pure Kettle Lake Soil to prove that it was capable of growing vegetation.   The seeds that I planted were corn, beets, zucchini, radishes, string beans (yellow and green) and carrots.  I have pictures of the harvest beside a measuring ruler to show the size.  The carrots, beets and radishes were easy to harvest as they pulled out and shook off, no shovel required.

It was spread on my hay fields with a hydra-push manure spreader and another hay field was planted in the previous dewatering sediment site.  The hay grows quickly and lushly.

Doreen Tschanz

We used Kettle Lake Soil and were amazed at how tall and lushes the hay turned out. With our field, we were able to get an extra harvest because of how fertile the lake sediment is!


J. Frieburger – Allscape, Indoor & Outdoor scaping.

We’ve been using Kettle Lake in all sorts of applications, especially with new plantings and new seed/sod. It is so easy to work with and we have had great results!


Are you happy with your Kettle Lake Soil?  We’d love it if you would share your experience.   Email our webmaster and tell us what you think.   Thank you in advance.

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