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Recommended Uses for our Topsoil:

Kettle Lake topsoil is so rich in nutrients and minerals, you can use it everywhere you would normally have soil.   Gardens, lawns, crops, poolscapes are all good options.  Even potted plants will flourish!

For garden use apply a thick layer of Kettle Lake topsoil.  We recommend that you cover with a layer of mulch to prevent surface cracking.

Deep applications one feet deep, may grow the odd lake weed, once pulled out they will not grow again. Kettle soil is light and fluffy, easy to plant and maintain a healthy garden.

In dry conditions the surface may crack as it seals in the moisture below it.  This is normal shrinking. Just rake it out, or cover with mulch.

For lawn applications Kettle Lake topsoil should be blended with the native soil. Kettle Lake topsoil is very light and sponge-like.  A deep 6” plus application on a lawn will exhibit a soft spongy feel.

Want to know the best part about our top soil?

You do not need to add fertilizer!  Kettle Lake Soil is very rich in nutrients so dyes and chemical additives are not needed.

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