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Organic Topsoil in Acton

Kettle Lake Soil is an organic topsoil in Acton that contains no additives or dyes.  Coming directly from a glacier made Kettle lake, this topsoil is rich in organic nutrients derived from hundreds of years of decomposing lake matter.

Healthy Yields

If you want healthy gardens, lawns, and crops and vegetable gardens and flower gardens that have never looked so lush, you can only get this by using Kettle Lake Soil, topsoil directly from a Kettle Lake.   Using Kettle Lake topsoil your crops will provide healthier yields and stand up to drought conditions.

No chemicals or Dies

Kettle Lake topsoil has no additives, therefore, it takes on its natural colour and properties. It exhibits a grey-brown colour, retains moisture extremely well and when it begins to dry out it forms a crust on the top layer locking in moisture below (depending on application).

Kettle Lake topsoil is screened from rocks and debris and is ready for your farm, yard, garden or backyard greenhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I know your topsoil is good?   To ensure you are getting a top quality product, we had an analysis completed.  See the results of these tests here.
  2. How much does it cost for Kettle Lake topsoil?   Pricing and Delivery Questions?
  3. How much topsoil should I order, can you help me decide? How much topsoil do I need? 
  4. What can I expect from your topsoil?  What to expect from Kettle Lake topsoil.
  5. Where do I find reviews of your topsoil?  Read Kettle Lake topsoil testimonials.
  6. Where can I get this topsoil?   At our topsoil yard or we can deliver to your door.

There is no product on the market like Kettle Lake topsoil.   Most compositions are full of chemical dyes and fillers such as mulch or ground bark.   Kettle Lake topsoil comes direct from the lake, is packed with nutrients, and is purely natural.    We add nothing to it, so you get authentic soil right from its origin.    David Taliano

A bucket of Organic topsoil dredged from a Kettle Lake.

Nutrient rich organic topsoil is dredged from a Kettle Lake.

Kettle lakes, caused by receding glaciers are thousands of years old.  Left untouched, they can fill in.   Dredging enables the lake to flourish for years to come.

topsoil on top of barge after being dredged from the bottom of a Kettle Lake

Kettle Lake topsoil is placed on barge for transportation.

Once the organic topsoil is placed on the barge, it is ready to be transported to our screening area.

topsoil screening creates a beautiful texture

The Screening Process

The topsoil is then allowed to dry and then put through a screener to remove any rocks or debris for a suitable texture.   The result is organic, nutrient-rich topsoil that is ready to be placed in your garden.

kettle lake topsoil delivery truck

Pickup at your convenience or arrange for delivery

Bring your own containers or vehicle to fill (we will help), or arrange for delivery to your door.    Order your Kettle Lake Soil now and see the difference it makes to your gardens, crops and lawns.

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