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Our Soil Characteristics:

Kettle Lake topsoil is just as the name suggests:  It’s a topsoil that has been dredged from a glacier-made Kettle Lake. Nothing added, nothing blended. It is a nutrient-rich earth, allowing you to grow an amazingly healthy garden!

It is not black, because we don’t add dyes like other brands.   Kettle Lake topsoil exhibits a natural grey-brown texture. It easily maintains a loose, almost spongy feel.

Use for flower, vegetable and shrub gardens, lawns, crops, pots and greenhouses. Kettle Lake topsoil is light and fluffy, making it easy to plant and maintain a healthy garden.  Organic farmers and those who support a healthy lifestyle love it.  You can’t get any more down-to-earth than this!

In very dry conditions you may notice that the surface may crack. This is just normal shrinking. Simply rake it out, or cover with mulch.

Want to know the best part about our soil?

You do not need to add fertilizer!   Because it is naturally rich in nutrients, chemical additives are not needed.  It provides all the nutrients required for successful plant growth.

Once you try it, you’ll never buy from big box stores again.  Just as our tagline suggests, it really is Natures Organic Blend.

Wait!   Don’t just take our word for it.   Read what this customer had to say:

Last year I used reclaimed Lake soil for the foundation of my new lawn just above the garden here. I’m already cutting that grass, well ahead of other grass on my property, without any fertilizer added. Now I’m building this large garden and the boxes are filled with more raring to go!   Lorne C. Wallace

Need more proof?

Check out our soil testing technical analysis.

natural organic topsoil is screened and ready to be sold
Kettle Lake Soil

Lorne C. Walace garden

Kettle Lake topsoil garden foundation


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